Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Putting the Power into PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the industry standard for preparing and delivering presentations in business, education, health-care, and the professions. Follow these simple guidelines to get the biggest bang for your buck with most listeners:

1. Select a solid, dark color background and use it consistently throughout the presentation.
2. Select type in contrasting colors (white, yellow, etc.) so that it will be easily readable. Use a simple typeface.
3. Use large type sizes that are easily readable by groups of viewers (text 32 pt., titles 44 pt.).
4. Avoid slide transitions and goofy sounds that distract from your message. Fade and dissolve are the best transitions for most viewers.
5. Whenever possible, make a statement with the slide title instead of just using a heading.
6. Cite the sources for your support on the slide and say them aloud (i.e., foxnews.com).

If you will do these few things, your viewers will be able to see, read, and understand your ideas easily. They'll think you are wonderful and will thank you.

Please watch the attached sample presentation. Try to see how the presentation follows the guidelines listed above.

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