Thursday, January 7, 2010

Play to Your Fans

To review the most important concepts from week one of our Public Speaking course, go to the Blog Archive in the side panel on the right and find the three blogs from August '09 (Demosthenes, Surfing the Adrenaline Rush, and Talk Your Way to Success). Read those. It'll take you less than five minutes.

I was bold enough to claim that the best advice you'll hear about speaking is this: "Play to your fans, and not to your critics."

I've spent the past hour Googling that as a quote. Can't find anything. Can you help me? Let me know. Even if no one famous said it, I stand by it. Works not only for public speaking but for most other aspects of life. Playing to our fans brings hope, courage, and determination to keep trying. Critics will rob you of all three.

Another key concept from this week is "trigger words." If you want to understand your listeners, you first have to understand yourself. Pay attention during the next week to those moments when you feel strong emotions (fear, love, hatred, enthusiasm, sadness, exhilaration, defeat). What words have sparked your feelings? Start to recognize the effect that words have on you and you'll be better able to judge the impact they will have on your listeners. Remember that words evoking strong positive emotions in one person can do the opposite to other people.

Thanks. Let's have a great time.

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