Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome Students of Fall 2011

Yo! Hope you've had a great summer. School's not far off and you're about to embark on one of the most important learning experiences you'll ever have. Comm 1020! Principles of Public Speaking.

Really, I'm not putting your on. We're going to learn, practice, and master a few basic skills that will set you apart from the competition throughout your working life ahead. They include these:

Skill 1- State your idea as an unforgettable thesis (big idea, thesis, claim).

Skill 2 - Gather knockout support for your idea (NETS, transitions, citations, outlines).

Skill 3 - Visualize the idea and support for your listeners (word pictures, gestures, aids).

Skill 4 - Draw conclusions based on the idea (bring ideas home, answer unspoken questions, call listeners to action).

Skill 5 - Present your idea with style (voice, posture, contact, and flow).

You're gonna love this stuff. I do. If you want to see somebody who does most of it well, watch President Obama as he addresses the nation. Don't like him? Then watch Tom Hanks. Too much Hollywood? Watch Dieter Uchtdorf. Not into religion? Check out Diane Sawyer.

You can do the same thing . . . and will. Let's have a blast.

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