Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sneak Preview for Exam #1

While all of your classmates are wondering what to study in preparing for Exam #1, you will know exactly because you visit Dr. Richardson's blog. Here are four real questions that you will see on the exam. Listen for the answers as we discuss Chapter 9 in class. Way to go, Dude. You're already ahead of the crowd.

1. In which part of the speech should the speaker especially slow down, pause as needed, connect with the listeners, and give emphasis to the main points and thesis?

2. How long can the speaker expect the listener to wait for a statement of the thesis before the listener loses interest and goes on to thinking about something other than the speech?

3. Mary's speech focuses on how her mother's actions shaped her personality. What is the best speech design for Mary's speech?

4. As a speaker, you should be cautious about using which kind of attention getter?

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