Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arnold vs. Jabba

We've all heard speeches that give us a general notion of the speaker's idea but leave us mostly wondering what it was all about. By contrast, we occasionally hear a speech that presents a crystal-clear idea and compelling support. The difference between the two kinds of speeches can be illustrated by the two photos I showed in class. One photo features Governor Arnold Schwartznegger when he competed in the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition. The other photo is Jabba the Hut, a despicable Star Wars personality whose character is as flabby as his body.

Of course, each of us wants to present an Arnold speech in which all the parts can immediately be recognized and related to one another. We do not want to present Jabba speeches that only vaguely convey the clear message we intend.

The key is speech organization. Presented below are the organizational components for an effective speech, the ideal outline. As you prepare your up-coming speech, be sure to follow this outline.

Attention grabber
Thesis statement
Preview of main points

Main point 1
Support for main point 1
Transition to main point 2
Main point 2
Support for main point 2
Transition to main point 3
Main point 3
Support for main point 3
Transition to conclusion

Review of main points
Memory grabber
Restatement of thesis

Please remember to strive for balance: Introduction 20% of time, Body 60% of time, and Conclusion 20% of time.
Have fun.

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