Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show Me Your Foundation

PowerPoint presentations will be begin on Thursday, 4 March. If you missed class, be sure to read the blog posting just below this one ("Powerful Presentations") and look at the PowerPoint example. We passed the sign-up sheet for the up-coming PowerPoint presentation today. If you missed class, please be prepared to give your presentation on Thursday, 4 March.

IMPORTANT: I want to see your foundation (thesis statement and slide headings) for the PowerPoint presentation in advance. Email them to me at sspubs@xmission.com before Sunday, 28 February. I'll look at them on Monday, 1 March and send you my comments on Monday, March 1. That pre-review of the thesis and slide headings will be worth 20 points of the total 100 for the assignment. So, if you forget to send them to me in advance, the highest score you could hope to get for your presentation would be 80.

Best to you.

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  1. Wait. Do you mean if you're speaking on Thursday, March 4 send them to you sooner? Because isn't that the first day we can give our speech?